The Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI) is currently accepting applications to participate in its upcoming virtual workshop, “Linking Human and Earth System Models for Global Change Analysis”. Held July 19-21, 2021, this workshop will bring together researchers working on a range of strategies to improve the coupled modeling of human and Earth systems.

Workshop and poster applications are due by June 20, 2021. Apply here.

Workshop Overview:

Model and scenario analysis using models of the human and/or Earth System are important tools for global environmental change research. These approaches have informed past assessments produced by the IPCC and contribute to the current AR6 assessment cycle. However, as research questions and new assessments increasingly address the intersection of human and Earth systems, there is a need for improved coupling between human and physical systems that would allow for feedbacks and interactions to occur and emergent properties to evolve. Understanding the coupling of these systems is a newly emerging field of research that requires a broad range of exploratory modeling approaches to address fundamental questions: What key feedbacks play a role in shaping the co-evolution of these systems? What are the best ways to model interactions between these systems? What are the best ways to represent uncertainty in these interacting systems?

Participants will collaborate virtually through facilitated dialogues, individual surveys, a poster session, a live public lecture, and opportunities for informal networking. Workshop participants will also initiate a synthesis paper to highlight new insights, key challenges, and promising research directions in linking human and Earth system models for global change analysis.

Detailed workshop information is at:

Virtual Poster Session
On July 20, 2021 from 3-3:30pm (EDT), AGCI will hold a virtual poster session in conjunction with the upcoming workshop. Students, scientists, and professionals are encouraged to submit posters on workshop themes. Poster presenters will have the opportunity to host a virtual break-out room to share findings and answer questions via video chat with colleagues and a public audience.

Poster abstracts are due by June 20, 2021. Submission form and details.

Victor Brovkin (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology), Kate Calvin (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Alan Di Vittorio (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Brian O’Neill (Joint Global Change Research Institute), Julia Pongratz (University of Munich), Mark Rounsevell (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Benjamin Sanderson (CERFACS/NCAR), Detlef Van Vuuren (PBL Netherlands Environmental Change), Hannah Liddy (Columbia University/NASA GISS),
† Organized by the AIMES Modeling the Earth System and Human interactions (MESH) Working Group

Contact Martín Bonzi, AGCI Program Associate, at or 970-925-7376.