AIMES Structure

AIMES provides a flexible framework to encourage the fullest participation and collaboration of multinational, regional and national efforts. A recognition (“endorsement”) system is required so that (1) the AIMES SSC knows what research is being conducted under the AIMES banner, (2) research under the AIMES banner is within the science areas defined in the science plan, and (3) such research conforms to the scientific principles and ideals outlined in the science plan.

Principal investigators and national/regional groups can submit projects, through the IPO, for recognition by the AIMES SSC. The following benefits and responsibilities flow from recognition as an AIMES project.

Recognition as an AIMES project:

  • Provides an opportunity for participation in the development, planning and implementation of a collaborative international research programme.
  • Adds to the scientific value of planned work by providing complementary information; for example, by widening the range of studies and extending their spatial and temporal coverage.
  • Promotes rapid communication of ideas and results through meetings and publications.
  • Makes available modelled and measured/observed datasets and develops a common data policy.
  • Enables close working links with other relevant international programmes and activities.
  • • Gives opportunities for participation in model and model-data fusion, development and intercomparison activities.

To apply for AIMES endorsement click here.