Dynamic Vegetation Modeling and Observations Conference 

The Dynamic Vegetation Modeling and Observations Conference (DVMOC, formerly the Eastern Regional Dynamic Global Vegetation Modeling Conference, ER-DGVM-C), was established in 2023 to foster interchange among scientists, postdocs, and students who conduct research in modeling, lab and field studies, remote sensing, and data science related to understanding vegetation and land biophysical and biogeochemical dynamics from the molecular to global scales.  The conference focus is particularly on dynamic global vegetation models (DGVMs) that couple with surface hydrology and/or atmosphere models, and the data and process studies that are needed to inform model physics, parameters, and provide boundary conditions.  

This collegial, 2-day conference is held every spring in the retreat-like setting of the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA.  The ER-DGVM-C format promotes substantial time for discussion during talks, over meals, poster sessions, and evening mixers, with always an afternoon free for impromptu meetings and to enjoy the seaside ambiance of Woods Hole. The conference especially encourages early career scientists to gain valuable feedback on their work in a supportive environment.  It provides a forum for all to have the opportunity to connect with others with diverse expertise in the very multidisciplinary endeavor of understanding terrestrial ecosystem dynamics in the context of the Earth system.  While the venue is most convenient for those in the Eastern U.S., it is certainly open to any who wish to attend from outside the region.

See you at the 3rd Annual DVMOC 2025!

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