2023 Conference Theme:  

“From Leaf to Globe, Seconds to Centuries: 

Scaling Up For Climate Change”

See you at the 2nd Annual ER-DGVM-C 2024!

Thank you to all participants who helped inaugurate the ER-DGVM-C with their excellent presentations on the range of DGVMs, phenology, field and remote sensing measurements, human dimensions, and more!  Thanks especially for the good conversations.

The Eastern Regional Dynamic Global Vegetation Modeling Conference (ER-DGVM-C) was held this March 24-26, 2023, at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA. The ER-DGVM-C brought together vegetation/land modelers primarily in the U.S. Eastern region for an annual regional conference to share science and foster collaborations. 2023 marked the inaugural meeting. This collegial, weekend conference was geared toward scientists, postdocs, and students who work with dynamic global vegetation models (DGVMs), particularly models that couple with surface hydrology and the atmosphere models. Scientists who conduct research on field sites, with satellite data, or other process-based models that inform model physics and parameters and provide boundary conditions were also encouraged to participate. Participants from outside the U.S. Eastern region were welcome.

Thanks for attending!

The ER-DGVM-C brought together vegetation/land modelers primarily in the U.S. Eastern region, with keynotes from other parts of the U.S. and Canada. 

1st Annual ER-DGVM-C graduate student and postdoctoral award winners for Best Poster and Best Oral Presentation.

Keynote Speakers

Jennifer A. Holm 

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Research Site

Natasha MacBean

Western University
Research Site

Minkyu Moon  

Boston University
Research Site

Paul Moorcroft  

Harvard University
Research Site

We dedicate this conference in memory of Jianwu (“Jim”) Tang, MBL scientist who passed away in December. https://www.mbl.edu/news/obituaries/jianwu-jim-tang


    We thank our sponsors LI-COR, Spectra Vista Corporation, Spectral Evolution, and Picarro for their generous support!