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Community Climate Intervention Strategies (CCIS) Workshop: The Future of Research 
28-30 October 2020, NCAR Mesa Laboratory in Boulder, CO, USA
Full Workshop Details
The purpose of this workshop is to bring together key members from different research communities to develop coordinated interdisciplinary paths for future research on combined climate intervention strategies. We are proposing to develop a framework to 1) develop future scenarios that integrate mitigation, greenhouse gas removal and solar radiation management in a way that is informative for policy and social science research purposes, 2) facilitate collaboration on the development of methods for impact analysis—common metrics and shared datasets for the assessment of risks, benefits, limitations and uncertainties of different strategies, and 3) foster communication across communities to ensure that research aims and methodologies balance the priorities of the multiple communities and stakeholders involved. Prior to the in-person meeting, themed online webinars are planned in the months leading up to the rescheduled workshop.