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Forest Dynamics in the Anthropocene: Reconciling Satellite and Model-Based Estimates of Forest Carbon Mitigation Potentials
13-15 April 2021, Virtual
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This workshop will convene an interdisciplinary team of key stakeholders from universities, national labs, federal agencies, and the private sector with expertise in remote-sensing insights, process-based knowledge of plant responses, and next generation Dynamic Global Vegetation Models. Participant presentations and discussions will specifically focus on how to integrate vegetation models with new remote sensing missions to inform how forests can mitigate climate change.  This AGCI workshop will bring together interdisciplinary experts in these fields, to build off recent developments in 1) the global availability of remote-sensing data on forest structure and biomass, 2) advances in the representation of demography and forest structure in land-surface models, and 3) the urgency in understanding the role of forests in climate mitigation as a ‘grand challenge’ in carbon cycle research. A workshop report will be released to inform the UNFCCC COP26.


Open Modeling Foundation Strategic Planning Workshop
TBD May 2021, Virtual
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The Open Modeling Foundation (OMF) is an international open science community that works to enable the next generation modeling of human and natural systems. It is an alliance of modeling organizations that coordinates and administers a common, community developed body of standards and best practices among diverse communities of modeling scientists. The OMF also provides informational, data, and technological resources to facilitate the implementation of common standards and best practices among the scientific communities it serves. This strategic meeting is dedicated to discussion of the OMF initiative and its organization and community modeling standards. The meeting will be held virtually and will target Asia/Pacific time zones.


Tackling Technical Challenges in Land Data Assimilation
14-16 June 2021, Virtual
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There is growing consensus that land surface models need to be confronted with a wide range of data to constrain uncertainty in parameters, initialize surface states, and address model structural uncertainty. However, there are limited opportunities at scientific meetings to specifically discuss the challenges faced by modeling teams when implementing data assimilation (DA) techniques. To strengthen communication between modeling groups, this workshop will bring together land DA scientists to highlight a range of DA methods used within the community, discuss challenges facing different modeling communities, and identify strategies for addressing those challenges.


Linking Human and Earth System Models for Global Change Analysis
19-21 July 2021, Virtual
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Model and scenario analysis using models of the human and/or Earth System are important tools for global environmental change research. These approaches have informed past assessments produced by the IPCC and contribute to the current AR6 assessment cycle. However, as research questions and new assessments increasingly address the intersection of human and Earth systems, there seems to be a need for improved coupling between human and physical systems that would allow for feedbacks and interactions to occur and emergent properties to evolve. Understanding the coupling of these systems is a newly emerging field of research that requires a broad range of exploratory modeling approaches to address fundamental questions: What key feedbacks play a role in shaping the co-evolution of these systems, what are the best ways to model interactions between these systems, and what are the best ways to represent uncertainty in these interacting systems?


Linking Human and Earth System Models for Global Change Analysis

The Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI) is currently accepting applications to participate in its upcoming virtual workshop, “Linking Human and Earth System Models for Global Change Analysis”. Held July 19-21, 2021, this workshop will bring together researchers working on a range of strategies to improve the coupled modeling of human and Earth systems.

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Large scale behavioural models webinar: The role of machine learning, game design & parallelization in the future of land use modelling

Webinar: Friday, 30 April 2021 at 3:00 pm (CEST)Register to receive Zoom connection information The AIMES/GLP Working Group on Large-scale Behavioural Models of Land Use Change is pleased to invite you to their next webinar on 30 April at 15:00 Central European Summer Time. In this webinar you will hear about exciting new advances in social simulation and computational modelling that can support...

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Virtual Summer School: Land Use and Ecosystem Change

Overview: Food and bioenergy demands of a growing global population and societies’ changing lifestyles are increasing the pressures on land and ecosystems. Further pressures arise from the demands on land resources for other ecosystem services, and the variable (often negative) impacts of climate change on plant productivity. These multiple, often seemingly conflicting demands on land and...

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