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Joint AIMES-ESA Forum on Tipping Points in the Earth’s Climate 
26-29 January 2021, Virtual
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Since the threat of exceeding climate tipping points cannot be ruled out, they pose an existential threat to civilization and an important frontier for scientific effort: we need to reduce the uncertainties around their likelihood as well as the resilience of the Earth system. Efforts must include developing climate models to capture a richer suite of couplings and feedbacks in the Earth system to anticipate changes and prioritize mitigation efforts. We must also improve our observational records of the most sensitive aspects of the climate system and find more efficient ways to use these observations. This forum will focus on clarifying the role of Earth observations and necessary satellite data requirements to better monitor the climate system’s resilience to tipping points. Workshop participants will contribute to a citable report that will provide input to and guide the development of future ESA climate activities. 

Virtual Summer School: Land Use and Ecosystem Change

Overview: Food and bioenergy demands of a growing global population and societies’ changing lifestyles are increasing the pressures on land and ecosystems. Further pressures arise from the demands on land resources for other ecosystem services, and the variable (often negative) impacts of climate change on plant productivity. These multiple, often seemingly conflicting demands on land and...

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