Upcoming Events

Degradation of Tropical Forests: observations, modeling and socio-environmental implications, 11-13 November 2019, Manaus, Brazil
Workshop Overview: Carbon fluxes from tropical forest degradation are highly uncertain components of the global carbon budget partly due to the lack of spatially explicit and consistent information on forest area as well the process-based representation of degradation in ecosystem models. Conventional strategies to measure deforestation rely on satellite-based estimates of biomass loss due to land use change and are limited in their ability to capture more subtle changes in ecosystem structure and carbon storage attributed to forest degradation. New satellite missions that use lidar and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technologies will provide data on ecosystem structure at a spatial scale and resolution useful for benchmarking global model estimates of degradation including ESAs BIOMASS, NASAs current GEDI and planned NISAR missions, and DLRs Tandem-L mission concept, and recent model developments can provide more detailed representation of 3D vegetation structure and dynamics. Therefore, the timing is critical to improve the process-based representation of forest degradation in ecosystem models. This workshop will bring together experts in remote sensing, ecosystem modelers, and field ecologists to discuss new strategies for quantifying and modeling forest degradation. The four key discussion topics include: (1) recent methods for remote sensing of forest degradation; (2) innovative approaches to considering degradation in land use change models; (3) implications for carbon, energy and water balances and biodiversity standards; (4) anthropogenic factors leading to degradation and their reverberations for livelihoods and regional economy. For more information, please contact: aimes@futureearth.org 

AIMES Scientific Steering Committee Meeting, 14-15 November 2019, Manaus, Brazil

AGU Fall Meeting 2019, 9-13 December 2019, San Francisco, California, USA

Towards global-scale behavioural models of land use change, 27-29 May 2020, Schloss Herrenhausen, Hannover


Past Events

Large-scale behavioral models of land use change, 8-10 September 2019, Tempe, Arizona, USA

Summer School on Land Use and Ecosystem Change 20-27 August 2019, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

AGU Chapman Conference on 'Understanding Carbon-Climate Feedbacks 26-29 August 2019, San Diego, California, USA

Joint AIMES/JAMSTEC workshop on ESM-IAM Collaboration on Future Scenarios: Opportunities and Perspectives, 31- May - 1 June 2019, Tokyo, Japan

Joint AIMES/PAGES workshop on Abrupt Changes, Thresholds, and Tipping Points in Earth History and Future Implications, 14-16 November, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany

AIMES SSC Meeting, 13-14 November, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany

Future Earth Summit, 27-30 August 2018, Bonn, Germany

Summer school for masters and doctoral students on Ecosystems and Land Use Change, 7-14 August 2018, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

International Alliance for Open Modeling Standards, 29-30 June 2018, Fort Collins, CO, USA

Workshop on Extending the Climate-Carbon Cycle Feedback Framework, 25-27 April, University of Bern, Switzerland co-sponsored by WCRP, Oeschger Center for Climate Change Research and AIMES

AIMES SSC Meeting, December 5-6, 2017, Exeter, UK

Linking Earth System Dynamics and Social System Modeling, 23-25th May, 2016, Boulder CO

Tipping Points on Pathways to Sustainability, 14-15th September, 2016, Stockholm