Tipping Points from climate crisis to positive transformation

The University of Exeter is hosting a ‘call to action’ to form an alliance to improve warnings of the proximity of catastrophic climate tipping points and to accelerate positive tipping points to avert the climate crisis on 12-14 September 2022The meeting will cover the latest developments in both negative and positive tipping points, at scales from local to global, and from theory to practice. It will consider the risks from climate tipping points and opportunities for positive tipping points for different regions, communities, sectors, and supply chains. Over three days participants will go on a journey from facing up to the risks from climate change tipping points to being empowered by the opportunities in triggering positive social tipping points. This is an in-person meeting however some talks will be live-streamed for virtual audiences. Speakers will be from academia, industry, government, and NGOs to highlight the need for rapid and transformative solutions as well as the risks and early warning requirements on negative tipping points.

  • How long left in the ‘safe zone’? Hear the latest science on the proximity to global climate tipping points and risks in the biosphere and societies.
  • Improve the risk assessment of climate tipping points through early warning systems.
  • How to stay in the ‘safe zone’? Identify opportunities for transformative action through positive tipping points.
  • Develop new approaches for triggering positive tipping points and convene coalitions of partners and resources for implementation.