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Call for papers: Large scale behavioural models of land-use change

SESMO (Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling is an open access journal with the objective to progress our understanding, learning and decision making on major socio-environmental issues using advances in model-grounded processes that engage with institutional and governance contexts, cross-sectoral and scale challenges, and stakeholder perspectives. SESMO is launching a call for a...

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Extended deadline: Division Director, Atmospheric Sciences & Global Change at PNNL

Develop science strategy at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) as Division Director of the Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change within the Earth and Biological Sciences Directorate (EBSD). Supervising multiple research groups and their associated research areas, the Division Director focuses on developing deeper knowledge and predictive understanding of integrated Earth and Human Systems, enabling us to better prepare for, and adapt to, the rapid changes those systems are undergoing. Position is open until filled.

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Geosciences Special Issue: “Humans in the Earth System”

The evolution of the Earth system is governed by both natural and anthropogenic processes and their interactions. This special issue in Geosciences will present cutting-edge research that can help us to understand feedbacks between humans and the environment by using approaches that integrate human and environmental systems, including modeling, observational, theoretical, and applied studies at local to global scales. Submission deadline: 20 October 2020.

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