AIMES Primer Series

The AIMES Primers provide a basic understanding of methodologies relevant to Earth system science and the AIMES project. The goal is to provide an overview of the model development or analytical approach and exciting future research applications such that a student in the field or an expert from another field gains some foundational knowledge.

Agent Based Modeling of Land Use Change

In the first episode of the AIMES Primer Series, Mark Rounsevell introduces land-use modeling beginning with models based on classical economic theories. He then discusses an emerging class of models called agent-based models, which can explore a broader range of human responses to environmental change including processes like societal learning, decision making, competition, and social networks.

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Land Model Data Assimilation

In the second episode of the AIMES Primer Series, Natasha MacBean introduces the need for data assimilation in process-based global land surface modeling to quantify and reduce estimates of uncertainty.

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