The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) is an international group of scientists with expertise in the natural or social sciences.
The SSC is responsible for providing scientific guidance and overseeing the development, planning and implementation of the AIMES project.
The terms of reference can be found here.

Past SSC Members

Peter Cox, Ex-Officio UK Earth Systems Modeling
David Schimel, Ex-Officio USA Ecological Observatories; Data Assimilation
Colin Prentice, Ex-Officio UK Earth Systems Modeling
Suzi Kerr, Ex-Officio NZ Economics/Policy
Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Ex-Officio JP Paleo Modeling
 Kathy Hibbard, Ex-Officio  USA  Integrated Assessment Modeling
Pierre Friedlingstein FR Earth System Modeling
Claire Granier FR Global Atmospheric Modeling/Transport
Natalie Mahowald mahowald at USA Modeling Global Dust Transport and Biogeochemistry
Luiz Martinelli BR Hydrology, Isotopic Analyses
Anond Snidvongs TH Regional Monsoon Analyses
Matt Williams UK Terrestrial Modeling/Data Assimilation
Yasuhiro Yamanaka JP Global Marine Carbon Cycle Modeling
Jae Edmonds  USA  Integrated Assessment Modeling
Carole Crumley SE Anthropologist/ Environmental Historian
John J. Finnigan AUK Complex Systems Modeling