AGU 2019 Sessions of Interest

The abstract submission website is open for the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting held this year in San Francisco, CA from December 9-13.  The deadline for all submissions is Wednesday, July 31 at 23:59 EDT.

Session IDSession Title
A048 CMIP6 Climate Model Evaluation
A114Remote Sensing of CH4 and CO2 from Space: the expanding observing system
B007Advances in the Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle
B009Advances in understanding water-carbon interactions
B023Bridging the Data Gap: Methods that Link Remote Sensing with Forest Models Toward Improving Spatial and Temporal Scales
B025Carbon and Nutrient Cycle Feedbacks of Terrestrial Ecosystems over the 21st Century
B026Carbon feedbacks in Earth’s climate system: beyond emergent patterns and towards mechanistic processes to reduce future ocean and land uncertainties
B034Coastal wetland carbon: recent advances in measurements, modeling, and syntheses
B038Does rising CO2 increase the terrestrial carbon sink?
B041Elucidating Coupled Biogeochemical Cycles in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Integrating Theory, Observations, Experiments, and Models
B042Emergent Behavior in the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle
B052Forest Disturbance in the Context of Shifting Climate: Understanding Disturbances and their Interactions as Agents of Forest Change
B066Integrated Understanding of Global Carbon and Other Biogeochemical Cycles and Their Feedbacks in CMIP6
B067Integrating data from heterogeneous sources across spatial and temporal scales to advance knowledge of ecosystem structure, function and process
GC028Advances in understanding impacts of land use and land cover change in a changing climate using Earth system records and models
GC029Humans in the Earth System
GC080The Changing Face of Wildfires and Effects on Human Health