AIMES 2nd YSN on Urbanization Interactions with Biogeochemistry and Climate

Date and Venue

Date: 9 September – 10 September 2006
Venue: Mexico City, Mexico


Across the globe, urbanization is occurring at a startling rate. Urbanization alters the natural landscape in profound ways that impact biogeochemistry and climate on local, regional, and global scales. Furthermore, this effect is compounded through feedback mechanisms, such as from polluted runoff or the use of energy intensive devices (e.g. air conditioners). Successful understanding and management of the interaction of urban systems with biogeochemical cycles is necessary.

The YSN meeting will follow the Conference on Carbon Management at Urban and Regional Levels: Connecting Development Decisions to Global Issues (September 4-8) in Mexico City held jointly with the Global Carbon Project. YSN participants are expected to attend that conference, as well as prepare a white paper before the meeting. The goal of the following YSN workshop will be to produce a manuscript reviewing the state of our knowledge on urbanization impacts on biogeochemistry and climate from an Earth’s System perspective, and identify key gaps and research priorities that the YSN can pursue for the next few years. The Analysis, Integration and Modeling of the Earth System (AIMES) is a Core Project of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Project (IGBP). Approximately, 25 young scientists (within 6 years of Ph.D.) will be supported to attend the GCP- URCM conference and YSN meeting.